Import, export & distribution

Over 10 years of experience in supply pet stores and veterinary pharmacies with pet essentials

In addition to manufacturing, we are exporter, importer and distributor of products for all types of pets for over 10 years. We supply a large number of diverse products to pet specialists and veterinarians.

Many years of experience of our managers and employees and huge knowledge in this industry created stable and successful business in Serbia and in the countries of the region of south-east Europe. We are proud of our high quality products, which can be found in stores of many our loyal customers.

Sustainable supply

How do we achive it?


Even in these difficult times by quality sourcing of our raw materials, goods and by carefully choosing our suppliers we tend to create long term price stability and sustainable purchasing, all in favor for our customer security.


In our modernly equipped warehouses we store goods safely and complying with high standards, to preserve quality of the products for the health and joy of the pets.


Quick and reliable delivery is our logistic and sales department most important priority. Good organization and quality personnel is what makes it possible.

During many years of successful and responsible business undertaking, we have built a strong distribution structure in Serbia, but also in the region.

If you need a stable and reliable partner, feel free to contact us and we will make the best and the most suitable offer for your business.

Complete high quality pet food stuff with accessories and care products

Hygiene, cosmetics
and care

Hygiene, cosmetics
and accessories

Bird and rodent food and treats, hay and wood chips