About us

About us

We are company involved in the production and distribution of a complete range of food and accessories for all types of pets. We supply a large number of diverse products to pet specialists and veterinarians.

Many years of experience of our managers and employees and huge knowledge in this industry created stable and successful business in Serbia and in the countries of the region of south-east Europe.

Our business is based on modern production of the highest quality processed meat dog food, meat treat for dogs and cats, chewing treats and the highest quality 100% natural smoked chews for dogs.

We are proud of our high quality products, which can be found in stores of many our loyal customers.



Our priority and mission is to provide original, tasty products to all corners of the world. We are doing it in the most cost effective way, so majority of pet owners can afford high quality products.

Keeping pace with all trends is job of our highly innovative R&D team and technologists who are constantly inventing original recipes and original product shapes so pets can enjoy always in new treat or a toy. Actually our team is creating trends.

We are the Company with Environmental awareness and by doing business we keep constant care about nature and our planet in general, therefore about people and pets health.

This approach led us to build factory that partially relies on solar power, and for the heating we use highly modern heat pumps in order to save energy. By reducing energy consumption in our production and therefore the cost of it, we can afford to deliver to our customers high quality products with lower price. Further we are using more than 80% of atmosphere water for technical water in the production by separating rainfalls, in this way more drinking water can be used by the one that need it the most.

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